WordPress Maintenance Features

WordPress Maintenance Features

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WordPress Core Updates

Why should I update my WordPress site ?

All websites are constantly under threat from hackers, malware and viruses. Updating the core software addresses any security issues that are discovered and corrected by the developers of WordPress.

WordPress provides automated updates for the core software. This is a useful process to ensure that your site is up to date, but it may create a problem. The WrenMaxwell process creates a backup prior to the updates. This ensures that any error with the update can be reversed.

Theme & Plugin Updates

Why update my WordPress theme and plugins ?

In the same manner as the core WordPress software can be compromised by hackers, your theme and plugins are at risk. Regular updating ensures that all known security issues are addressed.

WrenMaxwell WordPress maintenance prepares a full site and database backup prior to running updates to ensure any issue arising from an update is reversible.

Daily Backups

Why backup my WordPress site ?

Accidents happen. Computers can fail. Making backups of your WordPress site and its database is critical if you need to recover your WordPress site when it is affected by any form of data loss.

Our backup process is daily, so that if there is an issue the most recent information is included in the restoration process. Weekly or Monthly backups are just not frequent enough.

Broken Link Scanning

Whats a ‘broken link’ and why do I care ?

Your WordPress site includes a lot of links between your pages like your home page to your products and information pages. Broken links stop your customers finding your information and can prevent your pages from being listed in search engines. You know how frustrating it is to see a ‘Page not found’ error.

Our broken link monitoring identifies these trouble spots so that they can be corrected quickly before they damage the reputation of the site.

Uptime Monitoring

What happens when your WordPress site stops running ?

If you are not monitoring your site how would you know if it can be found by potential customers ?

The WrenMaxwell Uptime Monitoring provides a constant check that your WordPress site is running and can be found on the internet.

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Google Analytic's Report

What is Google Analytics ?

Any marketing or promotion should be analysed for success and monitored for results. Your website is part of your marketing strategy. Google Analytics helps you analyze visitor traffic and paint a complete picture of your audience and their needs. Track the routes people take to reach you and the devices they use to get there with reporting tools.

WrenMaxwell can assist with Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) and support to maximise the reach of your website to your market.

Website Speed Assessment

Whats a ‘Website Speed Assessment’ and how does it help?

WordPress, and all websites, consist of many elements, and there can be elements that take longer to load, or degrade the speed of response of the website when it opens in your customers browser. Slow responding website pages are the primary reason that customers stop looking at a site.

Our Website Speed Assessment provides feedback on how well the website is performing. When used in conjunction with our Performance Optimisation service, you can be sure that your site is being responsive to customer page views.

Security Monitoring

Is ‘Security Monitoring’ like having a camera watching your store ?

Yes, that is what it is like. Your site will come under attack from hackers. It is inevitable, somewhat like graffitti on your brick walls. Some attacks are small and relatively harmless, while others can be major.

WrenMaxwell security processes monitor your site for all hacking activity and while we cannot guarantee prevention, it ensures we can give a quick response to hacking attempts, malware installations, or similar security breaches. In the event of a compromise our first response is to lock a site down to prevent further issues. Clean-up and restoration options can then be discussed.

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Page Heatmap Assessment

A page Heatmap, huh?

Yep, a heatmap. Like looking with an infra-red device at something hot against a cold background, the Page Heatmap Assessment depicts a ‘hot-spot’ where the users are clicking on the selected page. This heatmap is shown with different heat levels based on frequency of activity. It can help identify buttons or link options that are not being used, or items that are being clicked on that are not links.

WrenMaxwell uses this tool to assist you with analysing the layout and usability of your site from yours clients perspective.

Performance Optimisation

What is Website Performance Optimisation ?

Go Faster!  Thats the key point here.  WordPress, and all websites, consist of many elements, and there can be elements that take longer to load, or degrade the speed of response of the website when it opens in your customers browser. Slow responding website pages are the primary reason that customers stop looking at a site.

We work with you to ensure that your site has minimal load times, providing quick response to your customers viewing of your site, and we monitor that performance to highlight the areas that need to be addressed.

SEO Assessment

What is SEO ?

Search Engine Optimisation is simply about ensuring that your website correctly addresses the content, services and products that you are promoting on your website.

Search engines, like Google, Bing, and many others, automate reviews of website content in order to include websites in their search results. If your site content (the information about your business) is not appropriately written or configured then your site may never be featured within the results pages that your potential customers are looking at.

WrenMaxwell offers advice and consulting services to assist you and your website manager maximise the return from your website.

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