eCommerce Solutions

There are a wide variety of tools available to get eCommerce solutions up and running to sell your goods, services or other merchandise.

We have experience with a number of different eCommerce solutions and recommend specific software platforms based on the business and eCommerce requirements of our clients.

Our eCommerce solutions are yours to manage and operate and require no additional 3rd party fees apart from the monthly costs of web hosting and financial payment processing fees.

There are three main components that are needed:

  1. Web Hosting: like the WrenMaxwell packages that start from $8.75 per month
  2. A PHP based open-source Retail Store (eCommerce solution) system
  3. Your Products: this is the bit you do without needing to worry about the first two requirements


We could say it is as simple as 1-2-3, but that is a bit misleading as there is a little more to it.

There are decisions to be made before you jump into developing your eCommerce solution:

  • the types of products you want to sell
  • how you expect your customers to buy them
  • payment options
  • your branding
  • product pictures
  • product descriptions
  • how will you ship the goods.


But, with a structured implementation plan we can help you to streamline the decision making and get on with Selling !

The team at WrenMaxwell has the knowledge and broader business experience to ensure that your eCommerce solution is a success.

If you would like more information please use the Contact form and give us an idea of the market you have in mind, your product range and contact details and one of the team will contact you shortly.