Cloud Hosting Services

Cloud hosting Services come in many forms such as;

  • Virtual Servers
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Hosted Solutions


Virtual Servers

Take the stress and hassle out of commissioning physical hardware in your environment by having WrenMaxwell build and deploy a virtual server to your exact specification and solution requirements.

Our servers are available in a number of data centers in Australia and strategically placed globally giving you more options when deploying the solutions your business needs. Our servers are available by the month and can be modified to suit changing needs when requested. This makes them an extremely cost effective and flexible solution.

Dedicated Servers

WrenMaxwell has dedicated servers based in our Australian data centers and those also strategically placed globally, you get complete control, flexibility and watertight security for your server.

Our dedicated servers are custom-built by our experienced inhouse technicians to ensure you’re provided with the performance and stability to meet your exacting needs. Each server is built and  comprehensively tested before its delivered. One size does not fit all, Wrenmaxwell will work with you develop the solution you need before we deploy the dedicated server

Hosted Solutions

Perhaps you don’t need a server at all, but need a turnkey hosted solution, they are an integral part of our hosted services and can be provided as both virtual and dedicated server environments.

Here are just a few hosting solutions that the team here at WrenMaxwell provide:

Corporate Email Servers

Wrenmaxwell can provide you with an email solution so before you make a choice on the email system for your team or individual needs, think about the following items and then speak to the team at WrenMaxwell:

  • What are your requirements; email, contacts, calendar and shared mailboxes?
  • How many users do you require?
  • How many mailboxes do you require?
  • Do you require centralised email storage?
  • Do you require email archiving?


Virtual Desktop Hosting

WrenMaxwell can provide cloud based hosted virtual desktops that replace your local desktop computer and deliver a complete user friendly Windows based experience.

Hosted virtual desktops provide many benefits such as;

  • mobility and agility as users can access their desktop from any computer including tablets and iPads etc
  • centralised storage and access to applications, files, and folders, a complete mobile workspace
  • improved efficiency in maintenance and support as all desktops are the same
  • extending the life of your hardware, all the processing is done in the cloud not the local computer
  • reduced risk of data loss as all files and folders are located and backed up in the cloud.


If you are interesting in knowing more about Virtual Server solutions for your business, contact the team today for a further discussion.