Remote Support

Remote support has become an integral support model for business’ and individuals who require “on the spot” IT support and resolution.

WrenMaxwell’s remote support service is frequently utilised and relied upon by existing clients. Not only does this rapidly address the “problem, which has occurred” but it assists with business continuity.

How it works?

WrenMaxwell will not lock you into a long term contract or make you purchase large blocks of prepaid technical support hours. Flexibility is the key in providing the customer/client with the choice of options to suit their business needs.

What we offer?

  • Casual support (just pay for the hours you consume as and when support is requested)
  • Prepay for small blocks of hours (hours billed at a discounted hourly fee)
  • Signup for an ongoing monthly retainer (hours billed at a discounted hourly fee)


With the option to consider from the three main remote support offerings you can choose from:

  • 24×7 Server & Network Monitoring
  • 24×7 Online Helpdesk System
  • Remote & Telephone Support


Server & Network Monitoring

Problems with your IT environment cost you time and money when they happen, server & network monitoring give you the ability to assess the health of your systems on a regular basis. Our monitoring solutions will detect changes and anomalies in your environment and alert us of potential problems before they begin to impact your business. The support of your IT environment should be proactive and not reactive, it is better to know that an issue will soon occur with a device rather than having to replace the dead/broken device after it has failed.

Online Helpdesk Knowlege Hub

The Knowledge Hub is a state of the art environment used by many IT service providers which also offers any user with the opportunity to:

  • register and log support tickets
  • track progress of the request and outcome
  • browse through our library of referenced documentation and examples
  • blog articles and guides


If you have a subject matter which is currently not reflected on our Knowledge Hub, please submit a ticket here for the team at WrenMaxwell to have it progressed and resolved for you.

Remote and Telephone Support

Our remote support service is provided using WrenMaxwell’s in house, secure, computer remote control platform. This enables us to control your computer and resolve issues in real time with you at your keyboard. This method of support enables our team to resolve your issues as quickly as possible. The following items are typical of what can be achieved via a remote support session

  • Configuring email clients and web browser software
  • Removing malware and fixing hijacked web browsers
  • Installing and configuring anti-virus and pc security
  • Troubleshooting installations such as Network printers
  • Setting up cloud storage and shared folders.
  • Installing and configuring backup software and services.
  • Recovering deleted files and general clean-up
  • Fix general I.T. problems with systems


Our telephone support is provided by our 1300 number, 1300 595 484 and operates between 8:00am and 6:00pm Monday to Friday.

For support required outside these hours, submit a helpdesk ticket or if the matter is an emergency, contact the team at WrenMaxwell on 1300 595 484.

The Team at Wren Maxwell are helpful, supportive and innovative on their approach to resolve matters as quickly as possible.