Domain Name Registration

WrenMaxwell provide Domain Name Registration support for all countries and most of the common top level domain groups available.

WrenMaxwell has been managing domain registrations for clients for over 15 years and can advise on the most suitable domain names to compliment your business delivery and brand.

Registering a Domain Name for your business can be challenging. There are many businesses and websites offering Domain Name Registration services on the web, but most leave you on your own to complete the domain registration process.

WrenMaxwell will assist you through the whole process to ensure your domain is registered correctly and managed in a robust global Name Server network that ensures your domain is never off-line.

Domain Registration – what you will need to know & consider?

If you are considering registering a Domain Name you will need to take the following questions into consideration;

  • What is a valid name, what characters are permitted for website domain names?
  • What top-level domain is appropriate for my situation?
  • How do I perform a domain name search and check the domain name availability?
  • How many years do I register the domain for?
  • How do I renew a domain in the future?
  • Are there any additional purchase costs in your domain registration price?
  • I would like to register a domain but don’t require hosting now, is that ok?

Global Domain Registration and Management

Clients often look at protecting their business brand by registering more than one domain in the countries they operate in as well as the global / USA oriented domains to ensure competitors do not hijack their brand.

Why not let WrenMaxwell take care of this for you, we specialise in;

  • Both domain name search and registration
  • DNS Hosting & Management with global Name Servers
  • SSL Certificates

Contact our team today to save time and have the experts deliver the solution for you.