Cloud Based Backup

Cloud Based Backup – What is it?

The WrenMaxwell Cloud based backup solution uses an efficient and streamlined process which protects your important data  by taking a copy and sending it out to a secure location at an Australian Data Center.

This service essentially replaces the role of the more “traditional back up software” that is out in the market place, where software would be installed onto your server or workstation and a backup would take place to a dedicated backup tape or hard disk drive at the same location as the server or workstation.

Why Backing up data important?

No single computer system or storage device can be relied upon to operate without error indefinitely. Further, human beings are fallible, and accidental loss of data is more common than system failure.

Simply because systems are fallible.

In the context of information technology a backup of data is crucial where there is a business or personal risk if the data was corrupted or lost.

Your Data

The data created by your business is one of the most important assets that your business has. The data your business creates is used to generate your client outcomes and deliver income to your business. If this data were to be corrupt and/or deleted then not only have you lost the ability to service your clients, you have also affected the ability for your business to earn income.

In many cases the cost and effort to get this data back is more than it took to create the data in the first place. You may find that due to circumstances you are unable recreate the data that is no longer available.

Questions you should ask yourself

  • Who is responsible for the backups for my organisation? Internal staff member, external IT provider etc.
  • When should a backup take place, how regularly, how long are backups kept for?
  • Do we know if backups are done and are successful, can we recover data from our backups?


The answers to these questions are not always clear cut and what suits one business may not apply to another.

What should you do.

Develop an understanding of what the data really means to the success of your business.

Recommendation and Solutions

Read and consider Backups – A WrenMaxwell Perspective to gain a better understanding of the types of backups and solutions available.

Have cloud-based backup solution, where your data is “transmitted” securely via the Internet and stored at one of our Australian based secure data centers

Back up your data to a secure and accessible environment

Contact WrenMaxwell to discuss your options which can support:

  • Individual PC’s & Laptops
  • Network attached storage devices
  • Windows & Linux Servers