Starting with a new WrenMaxwell email account

Starting with a new WrenMaxwell email account

If you have a new account with WrenMaxwell for email you can configure your computer, iPhone, iPad, or Android device to collect your email using your preferred email client software.

Email client software includes Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, and the Apple iOS mail applications on iPad and iPhone. Android devices vary but all have some form of email / mail client.

They all work in the same way when it comes to getting and sending your email.

There are two primary methods of collecting your email, IMAP (internet mail access protocol) and Pop (or Pop3, Post Office Protocol). Which choice you make is important as it impacts how you collect, retain and manage your email.

iMap is suited to you if you have multiple devices and want to ‘see’ the same email information on all those devices.Emails are all stored on the cloud based server allowing for retention of email over longer periods of time, disk space and quota permitting.

Pop3 is suited to you if you have one computer or device and only want to read and delete and not save much in the way of email. Using Pop3 you get the email and clear it from the server at the same time. Storing and managing old emails is something you do on your local computer.