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Reviewing Flipbook Publishing for client sites and brochures highlighted an array of service providers. The list here is not complete but picks up on commonly referenced sites, services and apps.

Why a Flipbook ? At its most basic it is the traditional printed brochure for commerce or business presentation. Historically these glossy, multi-page, documents cost big bucks and could easily become dated. How often would you see a self-adhesive sticker to provide an updated address or phone number. Editorial changes are impossible once the several thousand brochures are printed and released.

Flipbook services, HTML, PDF, and the Internet in general, provide options that allow for editorial updates, presentation on different formats, wide distribution with minimal (compared to printed paper) cost. Digital Publishing is a broader term used for these services.

A quick list of Flipbook Service Providers with basic per month prices:

  1. http://www.zyyne.com/site/en/ – No (obvious) Pricing on the website – appears to start at US$15
  2. https://flippingbook.com/ – AU$49 for a Starter subscription.
  3. https://pubhtml5.com – US$15 per month for the basic “ad-free”.
  4. https://www.yumpu.com/en – Described as Magazine rather than Flipbook, Yumpu starts at SU$20 for basic “ad-free”.
  5. https://www.joomag.com/en/ – US$39 Pro (Basic) package
  6. https://www.scribd.com/ – Also mentioned within this category, but for self-publishing, you need to use one of their partners
  7. https://en.calameo.com/ – Starter “ad-free” US$17 package.
  8. https://issuu.com/ – “Ad-free” starting from US$19.
  9. https://www.publitas.com/flipbook-maker/ – Bronze, low-end package US$29.


Digital publishing, Flipbook making, whatever you want to call it, with various features that support distribution, will cost money. No free lunch here.

The ‘Free’ versions are all advertising based, which might be ok for an individual on low budget, but for corporate branding a paid up package will be required.

Update: We use WordPress (a lot!) and after searching for general purpose flipbook tools, I checked for WordPress plugins and found http://3dflipbook.net/ which has both a WordPress version and a Visual Composer version. Worth a try!

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