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A Joomla site has been working fine but is now displaying an error when trying to save new content. The error ... Read more

Should I publish an email address on my website?

"Should I publish an email address on my website?" NO! Never, Never, Never, Ever publish an email address. Spam email is a ... Read more

WordPress Another update is currently in progress

Do you see in Wordpress "Another update is currently in progress." when you try to update the Wordpress core? If so ... Read more

Apache Headers for Website Security

Apache Security headers are a method to incorporate some security settings into websites to reduce the risk of various hacking attacks. ... Read more

PowerDNS Error Not Starting

This mornings issue of the day was, PowerDNS Error Not Starting on a Cpanel WHM server. pdns has failed. Contact your ... Read more

Webmail vs Email Client Security

There is a big difference between Webmail vs Email Client Security. The underlying issue is that if you have an email ... Read more

Creating SPF Records for your Domain

The creation of a Sender Policy Framework (SPF) Record is something that is managed by the person or team that manages ... Read more

Cancel Prompt for htpasswd htaccess displays website

Searching for a topic like "Cancel Prompt for htpasswd htaccess displays website" generally gives a lot of results with unrelated information ... Read more

Flipbook Digital Publishing

Reviewing Flipbook Publishing for client sites and brochures highlighted an array of service providers. The list here is not complete but ... Read more

WordPress Booking Plugins

We had a need to review Wordpress Booking Plugins and we selected WP Booking Calendar. In the process we noted the following ... Read more
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